OctoberMarketKids2Quiroz FarmsWhat’s the Deal with the 30 Mile Meal?

Did you know that by committing to spend just $10 a week on locally grown foods you can help rebuild your local economy?  That’s why the goal of the 30 Mile Meal is connecting food buyers and suppliers and educating the public about the benefits of consuming local products. The brand provides a shared identity for everyone involved in the local food scene that can be marketed to the public in hopes of creating economic development around our local food system. Together, we can make a difference!

What’s Local?

How close is ‘local’? Local Food is defined as food that is grown or produced within a 150 mile radius of your home. The 30 Mile Meal is a mindset encouraging people to source food from within 30 miles of wherever they may be. So whether you’re at home, work or on vacation you can be a part of rebuilding the local economy.

 Get Involved

  1. Look for the logo.  When you see the 30 Mile Meal logo at a business, you know they’re sourcing locally and supporting other local businesses! Give them your business and your support. Discover other easy ways to source locally with this roadmap
  2. Ask :  “What is LOCAL?” when shopping or dining out.
  3. Pick up a Food Passport @ Participating businesses.
  4. Use our hashtags on social media: #30milemeal, #eatlocal, #localfood, #whatslocal.
  5. Tell a friend. One of the best and easiest ways you can help is by telling a friend about the 30 Mile Meal.



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