Restaurant Week


As the local food movement gains traction in our region, the 30 Mile Meal once again seeks to promote our local business partners! As you may know, the 30 Mile Meal is a promotional campaign aimed at increasing access to local food and strengthening the economy by connecting food buyers and suppliers and educating the public about the availability and benefits of consuming local products. Restaurant Week – our biggest promotion of the year – was Aug 9th-16th!

This year, Restaurant Week was held Saturday, August 9th – Saturday, August 16th. During this week, participating eateries substitute local products in existing dishes, develop special menu items that primarily use locally sourced ingredients or continue as normal if they are already sourcing locally.

Check out the MAP or the LIST to see if your favorite places are participating in this year’s 30 Mile Meal!

For the Public:

Do you love dining out? Do you enjoy eating locally grown and produced foods?

If the answer is yes, you need to know about 30 Mile Meal Restaurant Week!

During this event, local restaurants, bars and eateries partnering with the 30 Mile Meal will feature special menu items consisting of only local ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers. The event will also highlight the health, economic and environmental benefits of consuming local foods.

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Join us during this fabulous week celebrating local food by eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at one or more eateries participating in Restaurant Week. Then you can post photos of you, your friends or your family enjoying local meals on the 30 Mile Meal, Mahoning/Shenango+ Facebook page! Participating eateries will be listed on the 30 Mile Meal website soon. Look forward to meals that can go from fun to fancy to the unexpected!

For Restauranteurs:

adamrusYou are invited to be part of the second annual 30 Mile Meal Restaurant Week and to partner with us in showcasing your eatery! We know that some foods – olive oil, spices or coffee, for example – are not raised in this region but may be necessary. A 30 Mile Meal is a dining experience that includes as many local ingredients as possible. If necessary, the 30 Mile Meal will offer guidance on product availability and help you connect with partnering producers to source locally. Then, we will heavily market your business in our Restaurant Week promotions.

While 30 Mile Meal membership is encouraged, it is not required to participate in Restaurant Week 2014. Restaurant Week is just one example of the promotional benefits of the program. Other benefits include use of the 30 Mile Meal logo and tagline, promotional material, promotion of your business/organization’s local food efforts on multiple platforms, listing on an interactive, searchable food map, networking opportunities with suppliers and buyers, publicity opportunities, event opportunities and event support.

Here is the 2014 Restaurant Week Form and the 30 Mile Meal partnership application. If you only want to participate in Restaurant Week, only return that form. If you want to become a partner in addition to participating, return both forms. The deadline to return forms is Monday, June 2nd. Click here to view our call for participants.